About us

Who is Marmalisa? 

Let us introduce you to our company founder and CEO Lisa-Marie Eichberg. She has been making jam for years, in her free time, based on a recipe her grandmother passed on to her and which she has adapted over the years to include new ingredients.

 "My promise is, that all our products are handmade in limited batches from purest
 ingredients. No preservatives, no gelling agents, no artificial colours nor flavours!"


What makes Marmalisa jam so tasty? 

Common jam from the supermarket is in average prepared with 35g of fruits and 60g of sugar per 100g of jam, which means that there is more sugar and artificial ingredients used than fruit. The fruit used for common supermarket jam is too poor quality be sold as fresh fruits and ends up in boring jam, that's probably going to sit in your fridge for months before you finally find the time to through it away.

We want to make a change in peoples diets, creating healthier products with less sugar but a natural fruity taste including native vitamins. Encouraging the community to eat healthier by cutting out synthetic ingredients and E-numbers. 

We buy fresh first-class fruit and vegetables from a local market. The carefully selected fruits used for Marmalisa jam are always fresh and processed the same day. Only perfect fruits are lucky enough to make it into our jam, which is why Marmalisa jam has an incredibly fruity and fresh taste.


Our sustainability promise

We are aiming to reduce waste wherever possible and value reusable and environmental friendly packaging.

Each jar or bottle is lovingly wrapped the with eco-friendly or recycled craft paper and ribbon. Since the world is drowning and overflowing in rubbish the idea is for the jam jars to be cleaned and re-used for repeat customers. We are currently working to create drop-off locations for used jars and bottles.