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Strawberry & Plum Vegan Jam 210g

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Rich and tangy plum taste which feels refreshing, perfectly balanced with fruity strawberries. This jam has a slight more runny consistency which makes it perfect to be stirred into natural yoghurt.

Strawberries, plums, sugar, lemon juice, cornflour, vanilla

Allergen notice
While we try to keep the strictest standards in our treatment of allergens, please be aware that our kitchen also handles nuts, milk and soy ingredients. Please head to our ingredients list for specific information on each of our products or get in touch with us.

We use only fresh fruits & vegetables and the finest ingredients for our products. No preservatives, no artificial colours nor flavours. All products are handmade in limited batches. Due to the nature of production, consistency may change or vary.

Once you've opened your jam jars, please keep them in your fridge.