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Letter Box Tea

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A heartwarming selection of fine loose leaf teas, including a pack of our Fill-Your-Own Teabags.

Surprise a tea-lover or simply gift yourself, you surely deserve a treat!

Tea in Tubes:
Please choose from the following
1 - Assam
2 - Vanilla Rooibos
3 - Rose Green Tea
4 - Green Gunpowder Tea
5 - Rose Petals
6 - Mint Tea
7 - Very Berry Fruit Tea
8 - Hibiscus Petals
9 - Bloody Orange Fruit Tea

Fill-Your-Own Teabags:
25 disposable teabags, made from unbleached recycled paper. biodegradable
Material: chlorine-free paper tea bags with drawstring closure
Size: 6 x 8 cm
Suitable for: Loose leaf tea

Let us know in the flavour indicator numbers from above in the comment section when ordering. Or drop us a message after placing your order, including your order number to:

The tubes are made of plastic with a natural cork stopper.
♻️ Sustainability is important to us! The tubes can be re-used and filled again with tea or herbs, can be used for decorations or turned into vases for flowers or cuttings. Please be creative instead of throwing them away. If you do dispose of them, please put in the recycling.