Quick Two-Ingredient Berry Iced Tea

Quick Two-Ingredient Berry Iced Tea

We all now the feeling of craving a refreshing and healthy drink on a hot summer day, but recipes are not always quick and easy and often we dont have all ingredients at hand. Luckily the internet has taken you to this page and you are just a few minutes away from enjoying a tasty two-ingredient home made iced tea!

We especially love that there is no additional sweetener needed at all. The apple juice brings enough natural sweetness to this summery drink.
This is hands down the quickest and easiest iced tea recipe you will ever come across.

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Berry Iced Tea 

Ingredients (for 1 litre iced tea):
500ml freshly brewed Marmalisa Very Berry Loose Leaf Tea
500ml apple juice (we recommend clear apple juice but a cloudy juice works too)
Fresh berries of your choice
Mint leaves

Brew the tea as recommended. Please note that not every jug is save to use with boiling water, which is why we recommend brewing the tea in a tea pot and transfer into a jug when cooled down a little. 
Add the apple juice and give it a little stir. Serve immediately over ice or refrigerate until cold, garnish with fresh berries and mint leaves.

Easy, isn't it? Please enjoy and share!